About Me

I grew up around technology my entire life. When I was little I would love to break games in unintended ways by finding tools to insert cheat codes into online games I was playing.

Now I find joy in making the things in my head into a reality. But I know that's not where my job ends, or starts. My job is discussing what you need for your business, and teaming up with you to come up with something that fulfills that need.

My job isn't to make you a website, my job is to help you further your business in any way I can.

Why Me

I offer much more than just development. I'm right there with you through the entire process. Here is a detailed breakdown of everything I offer:


    People often say the most important interaction is the first impression. I custom tailor every website down to the most minute detail to make it perfect for your business. As technology progresses, more and more people are using their smartphones/tablets. Every design I make takes these devices into consideration as we transition into the mobile age.


    Compatability, accessibility, and Search Engine Optimization continue to grow in importance. In the current era, one of the biggest tools a business can have is digital marketing. We have started to transition from the phone book, to the google search. Each website will be optimized for these search engines so that when they search your business name, they'll get what they're looking for.


    A domain name is like an address people use to reach your website. It needs to be as easy to remember as possible, so it sticks in their head when they want to reach you. We offer domain name aquisition, as well as website hosting so your website will be online, and stay online.